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Sunshine and Donald Duck.

In March we are going to California. This time we are going for a week, both Melissa & I, we're going to go to Disneyland, Taco Mexico, Souplantation, and all the other wonderful things we would do. We're going to take shit loads of pictures because we are going to live our lives and enjoy ourselves.

For the very first time it seems I am actually getting certain things together and pieces are falling in correct order.

We watch a lot of movies, and we are trying to make a list of all the different movies we have seen, just one's that we have both seen, too. It's a huge list so far and we aren't even half done.

We've made up our minds. We've decided to move to San Diego. Fuck Seattle. It's too snobby, and while I have somewhat of an emotional attatchment to it, it's not the place I want to live. We're hoping to get out of here before the Olympics. If not, maybe a few months after.

We've been shown grace.

I crave the sun.

Apparently when you grow up you learn to take things from the place you're from, the place you go to and live at, and then you mesh those together and come up with something that I have a feeling is much more suitable. Thus: San Diego.

We had four days off for Valentine's Day, and it was like double cherry pie.
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