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Last night

Last night made history. And I was a part of it.

We went to this party at a hotel hosted by the Democrats of Bellingham, and Rick Larsen. It was kick-ass. We ended up at this table with this lady in her 40's from New York wearing a fake leopard skin blazer.  She was with two of her friends, a quiet women, and a guy who was very interesting. She was saying how she won't wear real fur, and we got into conversation. She was fucking hilarious, loud, and called republicans asshole hicks. Which was awesome. She was so cool. She really liked us. She was glad to see young people voting. We all talked shit on John McCain and Palin. Well, we saw that Obama won Virginia, which was huge. Some drunk guy behind us took my chair and was standing on it to see the tv. Then we began counting down for the polls in California, Oregon, and Washington to close. So as we were counting down, we were all standing. We got to about the number three, and all of the sudden Obama's face flashes on the television, saying "SENATOR OBAMA HAS WON THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!" And just like that. Just in that moment. In that moment that it took for everyone to comprehend it was over. That he had won, that there wasn't horseplay going on, but that he was now our new president. Everyone was so ecstatic. Everyone was cheering and hugging. It felt like a mixture of being in absolute shock, an orgasm, and like something just happened that saved your life. Melissa and I looked at eachother dumbstruck. Tears in our eyes. We hugged the interesting guy next to us, who by now we knew for a good 30 minutes. Just like that by 8:05 Obama had won. 333 to 135. It made me cry in a way I've never cried before. Like you think you are going to have your entire life begin to collapse, and suddenly you find salvation. Because that's almost exactly what it was. Everyone, I think, was feeling that way. I've never seen so many crying, happy, victorious faces.

We ran across the street to tell one of Melissa's co-workers that Obama had won. She was ecstatic. On the way out we ran into our neighbor, Ashley.

"Do you know what just happened?" I asked.

"No. What?"

"He won. Obama is president."

" he's doing good?"

"No. He won. That's it. He's our new president."

"Oh my god, I have goosebumps. I'm shaking!"

Then we went back to the party and McCain gave his concesion speech, which was actually very well done. Then Obama came on and gave his acceptance speech. This was phenominal. Because he actually mentioned gay people. This was phenominal, because he actually said "This is your victory, those of you who donated 5, 10 dollers when you didn't have it." Which was us. It was phenominal because he said "This is your victory, those of you who stood up against your generations apathy." Which is us. He talked like a president. Him and his family came out on stage, in such shock. There they were, the first African American family ever to be in the white house. The first black president ever. Oprah was in the audience with everyday Jo's. Crying. So was Jesse Jackson, he looked stunned. I was stunned, and so was everyone in that room. Yet so concerned if he would walk off that stage with a bullet in his chest.

We left the party, and went downtown cheering. We opened sparkling cider. We then saw a march. A huge march of people downtown on the corner of Holly and Railroad. Melissa said to stop, and we got out and we all began cheering. Almost EVERYONE that went by was cheering for Obama, young, old, black, white, asian, hispanic, gay, straight, lesbian, everyone. We then marched. We marched everywhere! Shouting Obama's name. Augustine was there, so happy. We had a great time. We went out in the streets. We were met with cops when we got torward the top of Holly, and you know what? The cop in the car gave us the peace sign and let us keep going. It went on for hours and hours.

Obama is our new president. My faith in mankind is not completely gone. We are moving forward. We are actually moving forward in America.

Fuck Bush, fuck Palin. Alright for the America I want to be a part of.
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