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Rant on such a patriarchal society.

Good lord, look at me. I'm posting everyday. They are open to the public. I think I am making very positive changes around here. Why, I even brought back HTML to my journal, and yes, yes it is the same base HTML Melissa gave me to work with four years ago on my old LJ.

My mind wanders entirely throughout the day, and only really focuses at night. It seems to only be that I can find real ambition late at night when I know that all the pieces are precisely where they are supposed to be.

I just finished the book "Manifesta" which was very good. It's about feminism and women's history. It points out a lot of the flaws within our society. I find feminism to be incredibly interesting because, well, women in general around sexism a lot everyday, and I am definitely no exception to that. I experience it everyday at work.

Some of the things most noticeably noted is that women have developed a stigma against themselves in their brains. Which, I don't hold against women because again, I am no exception to this rule. I think it is very sad, and unfortunate though. I think it needs to change.

When girls of my generation were growing up they were taught that they could do, and be anything. At some point it is like we get so accustomed to such assiduous, patriarchal society that we just kind of forget about what we had always thought of ourselves, or been taught, or just knew to be the truth, and we accept this new fate we are given.

This new fate. Which consists of how we are going to get married to some dashing man, and keep him pleasured and happy. While we raise our two children. Because we will inevitably be stay at home we can raise the children of course. Because, after all that is our job in society. If we do end up working we will be secretaries. On the weekends we will do things like cook, clean, or mend clothes for the family. While our husbands sit on their asses watching tv, or mow the lawn or something such as that. It's much different than my childhood dream of supporting me and my six year old wife, Jaqueline, off of my career in karate. But this is what we are told. That we can't be athletes, or musicians, or outdoorsey women, or do construction, or have high paying CEO jobs. This is what we are told. That we have to hope we luck out and get good cards in life because we can't stand up enough for ourselves to turn those cards around. It's ridiculous, and downright sad. This is what we are told to accept, though. We are taught we have to be a size 6, and we better maintain our looks cus' it's all we've got, and we better not walk alone at night...cus' something will happen to us. We are made to believe we are worth nothing more than sex appeal and that if something were to happen to us, it's kind of our own fault for walking alone at night.


I never have bought any of that shit, and never will. I am my own person, and my gender doesn't define me (as it shouldn't define any other woman) by anything more than your biological, anatomical body.

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