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I like strong women.

I was thinking today of all the strong women out there. Or, who have been out there at a time and where we would be if we hadn't had them. For instance, Joan of Arc, Gloria Feldt, Ayn Rand, Hilary Clinton, Mia Hamm, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Blackwell, Barbara Walters, Oprah Winfrey, Tina Fey, or Gloria Steinem. We wouldn't be where we are today without these women. Then I think about the women in my own life who are strong and powerful: Abby ---- who can absolutely do anything a man can do...and probably better, and stronger. Melissa ----- who is strong, powerful, won't be overcome, and doesn't back down. She says what's on her mind regaurdles, no matter who is needing to hear it. Not to mention using her intelligence as a tool. Pamela ---- who is strong both physically and mentally, but knows technology better than any man I have ever met. Or, Amber whom I just met and don't know very well at all but she is seems to go to the beat of her own drum, enjoys "boy things" and is confident in that. These women are wonderful, powerful women. I really care about these women. In my mind, it's these women who are our future. These are the women that men would prefer to opress because of their strength. These are the women who get called "bitches" or "dykes" because they either raise their voice like men, or because they enjoy doing things men enjoy doing. God forbid a woman can be just as good or better at something than a man. When that happens they automatically have to throw in the name calling. Even though, realistically, men do those things does that make them a "bitch" or a "dyke"? Well, I think so.

At some point in time that part of my brain that had the floating question mark as to weather or not women could do everything men could do just dropped off the face of the planet. Because, YES. Yes they can. I've begun digging deep, into the core part of me to try and pull out some shred of confidence to use. Not only to make me feel better, but to use as a protective shield, and wall against those who try to make me feel inferior. Like my boss, for example. I have found those shreds, and learned the tricks and techniques to build it to a castle, rather than just a shack. I am learning how to walk the walk, talk the talk, and put off whatever it is that I need to put off. I think I am doing a pretty good job thus far. It's an uphill battle. But I will get there. Don't you fret.

And I really hope all these strong women out there that I know, and one's I don't know never back down. I hope they realize how important they are, and how much I love them.
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