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Something to say

Let's listen to acoustic songs. Cats on laps, sleeping, loving us deeper than we love ourselves. I am here, I don't really know why. Maybe I just wish I was out doing something. I've learned to no longer ask questions anymore. What happened to keeping it cryptic? Is it just that we fight for so long to learn how to even express our emotions that when we get that, we are concerned with taking it back? Or do our emotions just get too complex. My life feels good. It's been so long since I have honestly felt good. And lately, I just do. My eyes are tired, and I have a headache. Which is a rarity, kind of shocking I do suppose. I have these dreams of guitars, super glue on my fingers, and soar fingers. I have plans tomorrow with people who I never thought I'd make plans with. I am moving forward, back again, but then forward some more. Because that's how we live now days.
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