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Vacation Nation

Melissa and I got back from California a few days ago. We had a lot of fun. We went to Disneyland, Balboa Beach, Los Angeles, San Diego, and many other places. It was just nice to do all the things we did when we lived there.

We're super stoked to move back down there, and I think my parents are going to help us to some extent. At least, with buying plane tickets so we can come and view apartments and such. We aren't going to be able to comfortably move until probably January or so, but I am super stoked. I don't think either of us realized how much we actually do like California. Go figure. Also, we're caught between San Diego and Los Angeles. I think we are leaning more toward San Diego, though. It's not that much more expensive than Bellingham.

Our plane stopped in Utah which is officially the scariest place on Earth. Fuck Lake Elsinore being shitty. The landing of the plane was even boring. There were so many Mormons. I wasn't expecting to see so many in an airport, in the largest city in the state. No one would even sit on our row in the terminal. What a bunch of weirdos. It was kind of fun to piss them off in a way, by being obviously lesbian.

Melissa and I's wedding is coming up and I am having trouble with the invitations. I was going to go to the library because I needed to print something off for them, but I couldn't even find my library card. The wedding isn't until June so I guess we have some time.
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